It is very important that your staff learns to recognise genuine vouchers. So how to recognise that Lounasseteli™ or Virikeseteli® is a genuine voucher? We have collected here couple of safety tips, which will help you to recognise a real vouchers.

How to recognise a genuine voucher?

Lounasseteli™ luncheon vouchers are a convenient and widely used payment method. It is good to remember certain security points related to payments with Lounasseteli™ luncheon vouchers. Security features in luncheon vouchers are easy to check with a few simple tests:

  • feel the voucher

  • look at it against the light

  • check the security features

If you have any doubts as to the authenticity of a voucher, compare it to a known genuine voucher. Ensure that your employees know about the security features of Lounasseteli luncheon vouchers.

Note! Instruct your employees to verify the checksum for each individual voucher. Verifying that Lounasseteli™ luncheon vouchers are genuine is the responsibility of the restaurant, and Edenred will not settle vouchers whose authenticity has not been verified according to the processing instructions.

Phone us to check the security features!

Do you want to ensure that the Lounasseteli™ luncheon voucher you have received is genuine? You can easily check the security features on a Lounasseteli™ luncheon voucher by calling our customer service. Phone us and we will check the voucher together.

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