Edenred provides efficient and convenient solutions for motivating and rewarding. Employers, employees and merchants benefit from these solutions. Edenred's extensive selection include lunch card and voucher, recreational card and voucher, dual wallet card, transportation card and gift certificates. 


Providing employee benefits is a concrete mean for you, as an employer, to look after your employees’ wellbeing. Indeed they represent additional income sources which contribute in the improvement of the quality of the beneficiaries’ lives.

Why should I give benefits and why to choose Edenred's products?

  • Cards and our vouchers are popular and widely used payment instruments, and are used by over 3000 000 employees all over Finland
  • Edenred has the largest acceptance network which keeps growing continuously that allows you to use our payment methods anywhere in Finland
  • Employees appreciate Edenred’s employment benefits
  • Expenses are tax deductible to the company
  • Our unique management tool Ticket® On-the-Web saves you time and effort
  • Edenred is safe and trusted partner – we have over 50 years of experience in the field os employment benefits.

Employee benefit selections

I want to offer Edenred’s employee benefits to my staff, how to proceed?

  • First you need to choose which benefits you want to offer and how you would want to offer - through voucher or cards. Edenred's lunch and recreational card users have also mobile payment possibility automatically; they can use both card and mobile phone. 
Employment benefits with cards

Employment benefits with vouchers
Lunch benefit:
Ticket Lounas® or Edenred card
incl. mobile payment
Lunch benefit:
Recreational benefit:
Recreational benefit:
Transport benefit:

Download Edenred info guide

Download cardholder's guide

Voucher selection 

Employees are able to pay for their working time lunch with luncheon vouchers and enjoy sport and culture at their free time with recreational vouchers. Edenred's products are accepted over 14 000 restaurants and 6000 recreational places.

Voucher selection 2018 

Recreational voucher selection consists of current 5 € and 10 € vouchers.

Contact information

If you have questions concerning cards and vouchers? You can always contact our Business unit and they will help you with anything related to our products – choosing the right benefit and products for your company.

Contact us

Important links and material for employer

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  3. Go to Ticket® On-the-Web service
  4. Lounasseteli™ pricelist and order information
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  6. Explore working days calendar
  7. Send clarification request - voucher delivery
  8. Lounasseteli service - general terms and conditions
  9. Virikeseteli service - general terms and conditions

* Taloustutkimus conducted a research for Edenred Finland on autumn 2014 mapping employers’, employees’ and merchants’ opinions on lunch benefit. Respondents: 1368 employees, 557 employees being in charge of HR benefits, 410 merchants.

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Ticket Lounas®/ Ticket Restaurant®, Edenred card/Ticket Duo®, Ticket Mind&Body®/Ticket Virike® and Ticket Transport® cards are issued by PrePay Technologies Ltd, a member of Edenred Group, under license from Mastercard International Incorporated. The cards are valid only in Finland within the network of merchants accepting the cards. Card programmes are managed by Edenred Finland Oy. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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