Lunch benefit supports work efficiency

Survey: 98 % of employers believe that lunch benefit increases work efficiency - Prolongation of work career is a project, which last the whole career. 

Lunch break is one of the most important daily routines contributing to work ability. All parties in the work life are nearly unanimous about this. The results presented here are from a survey that was conducted by the Finnish market research company Taloustutkimus for Edenred Finland in October 2014. The purpose of the survey was to investigate employees’, employers’ and restaurant managers’ opinions about lunch benefits. Daily lunch is a significant part of supporting well-being at work.
Up to 98 % of the Finnish employers think that a lunch break is important for work efficiency. The most important reason why the employers offer a lunch benefit to their employees is well-being. According to the survey, 80 % of the employers, employees and restaurants think that existing lunch benefit system is cost-efficient and good.
75 % of respondents say that they eat their lunch always (43 %) or most of the time (32 %). 

When thinking of extending work careers, it is crucial to make good choices in everyday life during your whole career. Lunch break provides an important break from work, enables a moment for nourishing lunch, and supports the national objective of extending careers by increasing well-being at work, says Managing Director of Edenred Finland Markus Mustelin.


Lunch benefit contributes to more regular lunch routines

Lunch benefit, such as a lunch voucher or a lunch card, is the most cost-efficient way for increasing employees’ well-being at work according to the employer respondents of the survey.
Also employees consider lunch benefit important. 85 % of those who have lunch benefit see it as a cost-efficient way to increase well-being at work. About as many (86 %) think that lunch break is an important factor for work atmosphere and team spirit.
Two out of three employees, who do not have lunch benefit, would start using the benefit if it was offered by the employer. According to the survey, lunch benefit is the most desirable employee benefit.

A Philosopher’s Stone for extending work careers hardly exists. It is important, however, that the employers actively offer ways and means for how employees can support their own work efficiency. Lunch benefit system was developed originally in order to make employees eat a warm lunch instead of sandwiches. According to our study up to 41 % of people would skip their lunch without the lunch benefit, says Mustelin.


Lunch benefit increases employment and supports entrepreneurship

The lunch benefit system with tax benefits has been used in Finland since the 1970’s. The lunch benefit system has also significance for the national economy; a number of lunch restaurants are dependent on their lunch voucher users.

Lunch time is a significant part of the Finnish restaurant business and the impact of this business for employment. If the lunch benefit system would no longer exist, restaurant visits by the consumers who currently enjoy the lunch benefits would decrease considerably according to the survey. This would affect negatively on the revenue of the Finnish restaurants and the ability to employ the professionals in the sector, says Timo Lappi, the CEO of Matkailu- ja Ravintolapalvelut Mara ry (The Finnish Hospitality Association).

The majority of the restaurant managers believe that the people who receive the lunch benefit go to restaurant more often than those without the benefit.
Two thirds of restaurant managers estimate that people using lunch vouchers are also more loyal customers. For example, 83 % of the employers for office personnel believe that the employees go for a lunch more often because they have the lunch benefit.

Background information of the survey

The Finnish market research company Taloustutkimus conducted a quantitative survey for Edenred Finland Oy about the lunch benefits and different ways of realizing it, and how people view these issues in different respondent groups. The survey was done during the period of 29 September – 27 October 2014.
The nationwide survey received responses from 1,368 consumers (over 18 years old). To balance the survey’s consumer answers, they were divided into two groups: the first who had the lunch benefit offered by their employer and the other without the benefit. Other respondent groups of the survey were 557 people deciding about HR benefits in their companies and 410 restaurant managers. All respondent groups answered to the survey in their own groups.

Some of the most important survey results according to respondent groups:



  • 93 % of employees consider that lunch benefit is an important factor for your own work efficiency.
  • 85 % of employees think that lunch benefit is a cost-efficient benefit for increasing well-being at work.
  • 86 % of employees perceive that lunch break is important for working atmosphere and team spirit.
  • Lunch benefit is the most desirable benefit for those who do not have it yet (25 % of respondents).
  • 65 % of employees would start using the lunch benefit if it was offered by the employee.
  • 23 % of employees would not eat at restaurants anymore if they did not have the lunch benefit.


  • 98 % of employers say that lunch break is important for work efficiency.
  • 95 % of employers consider important that an employee eats a proper meal during the work day.
  • 96 % of employers think that lunch benefit increases employee well-being.
  • 83 % of employers regard lunch benefit as a cost-efficient benefit for increasing well-being at work.
  • 77 % of employers believe that employees will go to restaurants more often because they have the lunch benefit.


Restaurant managers

  • 84 % of restaurant managers consider that lunch benefit is a good system.

  • 68 % of restaurant managers accept lunch benefit as a payment instrument because the clients ask for it.

  • 63 % of restaurant managers accept lunch benefit as a payment instrument to increase the number of their clients.

  • 61 % of restaurant managers believe that lunch benefit will increase customer loyalty.


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