Virikeseteli® is a payment voucher which is meant for paying for recreational benefits. The voucher is accepted at 6000 sport and cultural places all over Finland belonging to Edenred’s acceptance network. Virikeseteli® is personal payments instrument and it can be used to pay for sport and cultural services only. The values of Virikeseteli® vouchers are €5 and €10.

Edenred offers you Virikeseteli® for recreational benefit. The values of Virikeseteli® vouchers are €5 and €10. Virikeseteli® is a traditional voucher payment instrument for recreational benefit.

Using the voucher
It is possible to use Virikeseteli® as a payment instrument in places that have made a contract with Edenred on accepting Virikeseteli® vouchers. You can see if the vouchers are accepted from Virikeseteli® stickers.

The voucher cannot be used to pay for products, so the service has to be as instructed in tax law. The purpose of use is printed on every voucher. Please note that no change is given back from the vouchers.

Personal payment instrument
® is a personal employment benefit offered to you by your employer. The merchant has the right to check the buyer’s ID to ensure that the benefit is used according to the instructions.

® is valid for a certain period of time which is marked on the front of the voucher. It is the employee’s duty to ensure that the vouchers are used before the expiry date. The merchants are not allowed to accept expired vouchers, and it is not possible to change them to new ones or to get compensations.

The vouchers may have some differences depending on when they were printed. New Edenred’s vouchers have Edenred’s and Virikeseteli
® logos. An authentic Virikeseteli® has changing numbering and various other safety features. Fake vouchers are regarded as payment instrument fraud and misuse is reported to the police.

Modern card options

Get to know our unique Ticket Duo® card that combines lunch as well as recreational benefit. Check out also our Ticket Virike® card which is a modern option for vouchers.



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Ticket Lounas®/ Ticket Restaurant®, Edenred card/Ticket Duo®, Ticket Mind&Body®/Ticket Virike® and Ticket Transport® cards are issued by PrePay Technologies Ltd, a member of Edenred Group, under license from Mastercard International Incorporated. The cards are valid only in Finland within the network of merchants accepting the cards. Card programmes are managed by Edenred Finland Oy. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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