Edenred's efficient and convenient employee benefit payment solutions for eveyone: employers, employees and merchants benefit from these solutions. Edenred's extensive selection include lunch card and voucher, recreational card and voucher, dual wallet card, transportation card and gift certificates. 


Did you know that over 300 000 employees use Edenred’s payment instruments for lunch as well as for physical and cultural benefits? When you accept Edenred’s payment instruments, you will increase your business remarkably. Reimbursing is fast and easy.

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We also offer you a possibility to use our marketing channels such as our mobile application for Ticket card users and the newsletter.

As Edenred partner you have access to convenient Merchant Portal, which contains all the functions you need. In this portal you can for example easily find necessary reports, order a time and money saving pick-up service for vouchers and update your company’s information.

Edenred’s employee benefit payment instruments in a nutshell

Lunch benefit

Edenred’s lunch benefit payment instruments include two cards and a voucher; Ticket Lounas®  card and Edenred card (former Ticket Duo®) and Ticket Lounasseteli voucher. Cardholders may also pay their lunch with mobile phone. Our mobile payment solution doesn't require any separate devices or integration to the cash system. The client shows the payment from his mobile phone and the payment is checked in the Merchant portal either real time or at the end of the day. Joining mobile payment network grants you additional marketing visibility, since after joining Merchant portal your restaurant name will be visible for customers' mobile application. You may read more about mobile payment here
The payment instruments are meant for paying meals and they should not be used to pay for tobacco, alcohol, groceries, convenience food and ready-made industrially packed dishes.

The instructions applying to lunch benefit are A26/200/2013 Luontois- ja henkilökuntaetujen hankkiminen kohdennetuilla maksuvälineillä and A112/200/2013 Luontoisedut verotuksessa
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Ticket Lounas®

Edenred card


General Terms and price list:

Recreational benefit

Edenred’s physical and cultural benefit payment instruments include two cards and a voucher; Ticket Virike® card and Edenred card (former Ticket Duo®) and Virikeseteli® voucher.
The cards and the voucher are not meant for purchasing products. The purchased service must be tax compliant.

The instructions applying to physical and cultural benefit are A26/200/2013 Luontois- ja henkilökuntaetujen hankkiminen kohdennetuilla maksuvälineillä and 1848/31/2008 Työntekijän omaehtoinen liikunta- ja kulttuuritoiminta verovapaana etuna
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Ticket Virike® 

Edenred card®


General Terms and pricelist:

Transport benefit

Edenred also offers a digital solution for employment transportation, Ticket Transport card. Ticket Transport card is meant for paying personal travel tickets not for paying possessor specific cards loaded with value.

        Ticket Transport®

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Ticket Lounas®/ Ticket Restaurant®, Edenred card/Ticket Duo®, Ticket Mind&Body®/Ticket Virike® and Ticket Transport® cards are issued by PrePay Technologies Ltd, a member of Edenred Group, under license from Mastercard International Incorporated. The cards are valid only in Finland within the network of merchants accepting the cards. Card programmes are managed by Edenred Finland Oy. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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