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Cards, mobile and vouchers

Where can I check my balance?

In MyEdenred-application or at www.myedenred.fi. Your employer will top up the balance, and load cycle usually goes hand in hand with salary payment. You will receive more precise information about the upload and timetable from the person who is responsible from employee benefits in your company.

How long my card’s balance is valid?

Lunch-, recreational-, cultural and transport benefit balance is valid two years since the balance top up. You may check the expiring balance from MyEdenred-application or at www.myedenred.fi. After the card has been dismissed (during layoff for instance), the balance validity is dependant upon the employer; 30 days unless corrective measures are made. 

I have lost my card, what to do?

You may block the card by contacting Edenred Finland’s customer service Mo-Fri 9am to 4pm (09) 7594 2848. Afterwards kindly contact your employer to order a new card. Please check from MyEdenred- service, that your address details are correct for receiving the new card.

What is the maximum and minimum payment limits for lunch card and mobile payment?

A single payment must be in accordance with the annual maximum and minimum payment limits defined by Finnish Tax Authority. In 2018 the maximum payment limit is 10,40 € and minimum 6,50 €. For more details, please visit Finnish Tax Administration website. Please note, that meals valued under 6,50 €, the minimum payment of 6,50 € will be charged.

Where and how can I use card or mobile? 

You may use the card in places, which accept card or mobile as a means of payment. Our lunch network consists of over 14.000 lunch places and into our recreational- and cultural network belongs 6.000 places. You may search places here or in MyEdenred-application. Confirm the card payment by signing the receipt. You don’t need a PIN-code.

Why my card doesn’t work? 

Is your card valid? / Have you activated the card? / Is there balance in your card? The state of your card and balance you may easily check from MyEdenred-application. Your employee will top up your balance. Please note, that Finnish Tax Administration sets the yearly maximum- and minimum payment limits for lunch benefit. In 2018 the limits are 6,50 € and 10,40 €.

What is in MyEdenred for me?

In MyEdenred-service and application you may:
·         Easily check the balance of your card
·         Pay your lunch or recreational services
·         Follow transaction history
·         Make a top up request for your employer, if your employer has enabled this feature
·         Check expiring balance
·         activate your card
You may download MyEdenred application free of charge from your app store or use the service at www.myedenred.fi.

Where and for what can I use the recreational- or cultural benefit?

Ticket card can be used in 6.000 sport- and cultural places belonging to Edenred acceptance network around Finland. You may search places here. Recreational and cultural benefit is voluntary, tax exempt benefit for sports- and cultural activities.

How can I purchase event tickets sold in Internet with card?

In order to be able to pay event tickets with your card, you have to reserve the ticket via Internet. At the moment you can purchase only tickets reserved in advance for example in R-Kioski.
Note! Event organisers define how tickets are sold. In some cases you are able to purchase reserved tickets later on and in other cases you have to pay the ticket at the time of purchase.

Can I use recreational benefit to massage services?

Unfortunately, the recreational benefit can not be used for massage services. Massage and physiotherapy services are not tax compliant.

How much one saves with lunch benefit?

Taxable value for lunch benefit is 75 % from the face value, e.g. 10,40 € Lunch voucher will be assessed in taxation for 7,80 € value. You may read more specific information about the taxation of lunch benefit at Finnish Tax Administration website. The employer can provide the lunch benefit as a taxable benefit or reduce it from the employee’s salary, you may count your own savings here.

How does the top-up request work?

You may request balance top-up at MyEdenred application or at www.myedenred.fi and it will be forwarded to your employer. Your employer will top up the balance, and load cycle usually goes hand in hand with salary payment. This is why the request must be made beforehand, usually approximately two weeks before payroll computation. You may also set up automatic top up, whereupon your employer will automatically load the set sum. In case you wish to skip a month, cancel automatic balance top-up and set it on again in next month.

How long is my card valid?

Validity period of cards is 24 months from their order date. You can see the validity from the front side of your card. Your company’s contact person receives information about expiring cards and is able to order new cards. 


Delicard gift card redeeming

Delicard’s contact information

Elimäenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki
Cards orders: phone (09) 7594 2810 (lnf/mcf)
Redeeming gift cards: phone (09) 7594 2810 (lnf/mcf)
Email: info@delicard.fi
Customer Service on business days: 9 am to 4 pm

Note that the delivery of goods and items is via post only. There is not a separate pick up point.

How long are Delicard gift cards valid?

The expiry date of the gift card is marked on Delicard’s order card.

What time of the day will the Delicard gift card orders be delivered?

There are three diffenrent delivery options: Itella Express Business Day, Itella Economy or Itella SmartPost pick up box. The choice can be made within redeeming the gift card.

With Itella Express Business Day service the delivery is delivered by 14.00 to the receiver. If the receiver is not available, the delivery is returned to the pick up place and can be fetched from there after 16.00 on the delivery day in exchange of the notice of arrival. The deliveries to company address is always send with this service.

A delivery send via Itella Economy service is delivered directly to the chosen post office and can be picked up after 16.00 on the delivery day. To get the delivery after you have received the arrival notice, you need the item code and your ID. The arrival notice should come the next business day to the receiver. The delivery of good can be fetched from the post office on the delivery day, an item delivery within a week from the delivery date.

You can fetch the delivery arrived to SmartPost pick up box right after receiving an arrival notive via SMS. The SMS is usually sent after 16.00 on the delivery day.

Why have I not received a delivery confirmation of my order?

If you have not received delivery confirmation on your redeem, the reason might be faulty email address or that your provider blocks its arrival and directs it to your junk mail. 

Have you checked that your redemtion has been completed?

It is not possible to send delivery confirmation wihtout a completed redemption.

How are the goods delivered to the receiver?

Meat and fish leave here frozen. The products are packed in material insuling cold with a cold element. During the delivery, the products start to melt so they will not be frozen when they reach the receiver. Handle the products as if they were fresh, keep them in the fridge (+2 - +6C). Please find the more detailed information on keeping the products from our web site. The product delivered is the specifially informed product e.g. duck breast 700g, appendages and other equipment should be purchased yourself. 

When is the right time to order the gift?

You can make the gift order whenever it is convenient for you. Insert the desired delivery date to the order (Wednesday, Thursday or Friday), and we will deliver your order then. When you make the redemption online the above mentioned days for the delivery are available for choosing. We recommend that the delivery for goods is max two days before the planned serving date. Find the keeping information on our web site. Note, that there might be exceptional delivery days during bank holidays, and that the unique opening hours of post offices may differ.

Where do I get my gift if I am not home during the delivery?

If Itella Express Day has been chosen for the delivery method and the receiver is not home, the deliver will leave a note. You can fetch the gift from your local post office on the delivery day after 16.00. You will need either the delivery note or tracking number and your ID. Note that any edable products need to be received during the delivery day.

Where is my gift?

You can follow your delivery with a tracking code which you can get by calling to customer service (09) 7594 2810 (lnf/mcf).

How can I find information on the shelf life of the products?

Find the information on each product here. Note that the products have been frozen when they have been sent so they will arrive cool. Do not freeze then again.

How do I redeem my gift?

Order your gift on our website. When you are redeeming the gift, you can find the available delivery dates. If you do not wish to make an order, close the site. The orders cannot be made by phone.

What does the quality guarantee cover?

The quality guarantee covers the goods, other gift items and the delivery. We ensure that the goods will stay cool during the delivery. We require that the goods are stored according to the instructions on the packages, and that the notification for goods is done within three days from the marked expiry date. The warranty for the kitchen equipment is two years from the delivery. We require that the gift items are treated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The notification for the kitchen equipment should be done within two years from the delivery date. If the product did not answer to your demands inform us via filling our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us via emailing to info@delicard.fi or by calling to (09) 7594 2810 (lnf/mcf).

Is there lactose or glutein in the products?

Find your card from our website and see the product details.

Do I need to give the card to the deliverer?

Itella's driver does not take the gift card. The gift card's numeber should be saved until the delivery is received.

Can I get the delivery for Friday if I order on Tuesday?

Within the redemption you can see the possible delivery dates. When you redeem your card on Tuesday by 12.00, you will receive the delivery on Friday.

I can choose three products with my card. Can I get the delivery on different dates?

There is only one delivery according to each card number. So, all the products will be delivered on same date.

Can I order my gift by phone?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders on phone. You can make a gift order on our web site.

Can I redeem an old Delicard?

It is not possible to redeem outdated cards. The validity of the card is marked on the card.

Is there a place where I can fetch my gift?

Note that the delivery of goods and items is via post only. There is not a separate pick up point.

Can I choose multiple similar products?

You can choose your products freely. You can choose same products or differents products.
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