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I'm ordering lunch and / or recreational vouchers, what is my customer number?

If you are a registered customer, you have received your customer number by email. If you can not find your customer number, please contact our customer service: 09 7594 2848 (Mon-Fri 9 am to 4.00 pm)

What is the repeat function?

When using the repeat function, the employee does not have to make a new load order each month. The chosen value will be automatically loaded to the card. You can accept the repeat function to be part of top-up function. You can do this easily on Ticket®On-the-Web service. Please remember to guide your employees about the usage of automatic load.

Where and into what can one use recreational benefit?

Ticket Virike® (Mind&Body®) -card, Edenred card (Ticket Duo®) and Virike vouchers as well as mobile payment can be used in more than 6000 sports- and cultural places belonging Edenred’s acceptance network around Finland. Recreational benefit is a tax exempt benefit for sports and cultural activities, which employer can offer to employees.

Where and how can one use lunch benefit?

Ticket Lounas® -card, Edenred card (Ticket Duo®), mobile payment and lunch vouchers can be used in restaurants, fast food restaurants and lunch-cafés belonging to Edenred’s acceptance network. Our network consists of over 14 000 places.  Please note that the Finnish Tax Authority defines the annual limits for lunch benefit. In 2018 the minimum for lunch benefit is €6.50 and the maximum €10.40.

Which product is best for our company?

We offer our clients the possibility to choose the product best suited for their needs: a voucher or a card + mobile payment. The familiar lunch voucher and Virike voucher are still very popular today and fit well especially for smaller companies, where managing vouchers is easy. Ticket solution includes mobile payment and it offers multiple benefits for the user and the company. Contact our sales team, and we can find the best solution for you together!

How do I order Lunch and/or Virike vouchers? 

Lunch and Virike vouchers can easily be ordered from our website with your customer number. New clients receive their customer number by filling in the registration form. Vouchers are paid while placing the order and delivered to the customer within few days of payment.

How do I start using card and mobile payment? 

Lunch and recreational benefit is easy to offer as a card, the most popular way is to combine both in Edenred card. Card solution includes the opportunity to pay with a mobile phone in MyEdenred application. You may easily order cards here or contact our sales team, we will gladly assist you!  

How long are the card and balance valid?

The card is valid for 24 months from the order date. The card validity is marked on the front side of the card. You can see your employees cards’ validity in the Ticket-On-the-Web service. Contact persons are informed via email if there are cards expiring within 30 days.
Balance is valid for 24 months from the date the balance was loaded.

Ticket® On-the-Web – How can I add another person to manage orders? 

Inform the other person by filling in contact form at our website.


Delicard gift card purchases 

Delicard’s contact information?

Elimäenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki
Cards orders: phone (09) 7594 2848 
Redeeming gift cards: phone (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf)
Email: myynti@delicard.fi
Customer Service on business days: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Note that the delivery of goods and items is via post only. There is not a separate pick up point.

How fast will Delicard gift cards be delivered to me?

Delicard gift cards with no print will be sent by post within two business days from the order. Cards with print will be delivered within five business days from accepting the draft.

How long are Delicard gift cards valid?

The expiry date of the gift card is marked on Delicard’s order card.

How do Delicard gift cards work abroad?

Delicard Scandinavian Choice gift card is valid in all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway. The gifts will be delivered to the receiver’s address by DHL fast distribution. Delicards that work in Sweden are available also in Finland. If you wish to get more information, please call to Delicard sales (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf).

How does Delicard gift card work?

  1. Order the desired gift cards online or by phone. You can order eDelicards online that will be delivered by email.

  2. We will deliver traditional gift cards and their envelopes to you.

  3. Give cards as presents to their receivers.

  4. The receiver will choose a product according to their liking and orders the gift from us.

  5. We will deliver the products directly to the receiver.

How do I pay my gift card order?

We will invoice companies after delivering the gift cards. Payment term is 14 days net. Private persons can pay with credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) or on online bank service for the online order.

How do I order Delicard gift cards?

You can make an order:

  • on website

  • by calling: (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf)

  • by email: myynti@delicard.fi

What format does the logo for Delicard gift card need to be?

The desired logo and greeting for the gift card can be inserted online while making the order. The text and the logo need to be ready for printing and the size is max 4Mt. and the required format is tif, jpg, eps or gif.

What does the quality guarantee cover?

The quality guarantee covers the goods, other gift items and the delivery. We ensure that the goods will stay cool during the delivery. We require that the goods are stored according to the instructions on the packages, and that the notification for goods is done within three days from the marked expiry date. The warranty for the kitchen equipment is two years from the delivery. We require that the gift items are treated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The notification for the kitchen equipment should be done within two years from the delivery date. If the product did not answer to your demands inform us via filling our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us via emailing to myynti@delicard.fi or by calling to (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf).

Is there space for a personal message on Delicard gift card?

The background of the card is black so it is not possible to write there. However, it is possible to print a company logo or a greeting on the card.

Is there a minimum amount for ordering Delicard gift cards?

There is no minimum limit for ordering Delicard gift cards. We deliver orders starting from one card.

Do Delicard gift cards work everywhere in Finland?

We deliver Delicard gift cards as well as the gifts to anywhere in Finland. Delicard Scandinavian Choice gift card is in English and is valid in EU countries as well as in Switzerland and in Norway.

Are there delivery costs in ordering Delicard gift cards?

Yes. We charge 8€ + 24% VAT of delivery and administration costs for Delicard gift card orders of 1-5 cards. The delivery is in first class letter mail. The orders over six cards we charge 12€ + 24% VAT, the delivery is Itella Express Day (Keltainen Kuljetus 14 delivery).

Is it possible to print a logo or a greeting to Delicard gift cards?

It is possible to print a company logo or a greeting to the cards. The size for the logo and the text is max 4Mt, and the required format is tif, jpg, eps or gif. The text and the logo can be inserted to Delicard order within the online order.

Is it possible for me as a buyer to return unused Delicard gift cards?

If you are not sure about the exact number of gift receivers, it is worth of ordering a couple of extra cards. It is possible to return the extra cards to Edenred before their expiry date. We change them to new valid cards. The right of return concerns of max 10% of the amount of ordered cards.



Contact Us (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf)
Mon-Fri at 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Edenred Finland Oy Elimäenkatu 15
00510 Helsinki

Ticket Lounas®/ Ticket Restaurant®, Edenred card/Ticket Duo®, Ticket Mind&Body®/Ticket Virike® and Ticket Transport® cards are issued by PrePay Technologies Ltd, a member of Edenred Group, under license from Mastercard International Incorporated. The cards are valid only in Finland within the network of merchants accepting the cards. Card programmes are managed by Edenred Finland Oy. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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